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Mar 26, 2013 5:00pm EDT
are our relations with the private sector? how do we organize ourselves with the nsa and the fbi where where -- who is doing what so a lot of time being spent organizing ourselves even as we work with the congress on revisiting cybersecurity legislation. >> -- says you are trying to higher 600 workers, is that true? >> not just hackers but others others -- exactly. we have identified our immediate needs of our 600 more than we currently have so we are in that process now. secondly, immigration and all of the attendant issues. as you know, one of the major changes we made during dhs 2.0 was to prioritize immigration enforcement to really focus on those who would violate criminal laws in addition to who are repeat violators are who we caught at the borders where they got into the interior of the country. as we moved to high priorities we also started looking at things that are low priority and that led to a memo i sent to the director of i.c.e. and the direct or of g.i.'s last summer in june deferring action on qualified young people who would come to our process and go through a b
Mar 25, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. >> coming up on c-span2, the fbi's top lawyer on how law-enforcement investigations are keeping up with new technology without breaking the law. that's followed by a house appropriations subcommittee looking into agriculture department spending. then "the communicators" with commissioner robert mcdowell. >> the nation's highest court is holding oral arguments this week on to gay marriage cases. the first people got in line thursday, and now the going rate for saving a seat is around $6000. a couple weeks ago director rob reiner explained why this is drawing such interest. here's a portion of what he had to say. >> one of the reasons we took on proposition eight, aside from the obvious reasons of marriage equality and we should all be treated as equal under the law and its, it was a bad initiative, and you know, the courts of our it overturned. we hope the supreme court will uphold those. those rulings. but it was partly an education process. we discover as we go along that, first of all, there's not one person in this audience, or anywhere, that doesn't have a gay person in the family o
Mar 25, 2013 8:30am EDT
fbi arrest in nsa? secondly i want to ask about china human rights issue, you know, -- [inaudible] and china have forced abortion every year. and china -- [inaudible] -- organ transplant a couple thousand a year. number two country of the world. just very large human rights issue. i hope you can talk about the human rights issue, let's more talk about economic trade with china. >> i think that both issues are important. it is important to economically engage china. i think of evolution in terms of human rights is partly dependent upon what we do to put information into china about what's happening on the ground in china in real-time in order to expose these types of abuses. and that is best done through radio free asia. but it is also done to other legislation that we have enacted in which we have an institution year on the hill that -- and i'm a member of the hearings that we hold on this issue, which elevate human rights, and which he gets that information out into the international press. so it's partly getting the information out to the international press. it's partly through
Mar 25, 2013 12:00pm EDT
estimated to top $5 trillion. then the fbi's top lawyer on how law enforcement investigations are keeping up with new technology without breaking the law. that's followed by a house appropriations subcommittee looking into agriculture department spending. >> let's go straight to a personal topic. you've been on the commission since 2006. the chairman has been on since i believe 2009. his term is a. yours will be up next year. should we expect to see some term over at the commission speak what you should always see turnout because we all have staggered terms. the past six years have flown by very quickly, and we shall see. i get asked this question every couple of years and we've been almost seven years. i multiply thinking about but we shall see. >> thinking about what? >> what to do next. i have thought about that several times, what comes after the commission. a limited government personnel i think it should stay in the positions forever. at the same time i love my job. that's part of what is keeping me here and we have a lot of important work to do. spent this past week both co
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4